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We help people transform their reality by tapping into the power and authenticity of their Soul 
Yashwant Verma

Who Are We

Yashwwant Verma has been interested in spirituality and its healing techniques for a holistic transformation in people and the environment for some time.

This inquisitiveness about spirituality made him encounter many Spiritual Masters and evolved souls. He was aware of his calling to serve people and the world, so he decided to quit Marine Engineering and devote his life to full-time Spiritual healing.


Automatic writing has been around since the beginning of time and was utilized by our great saints and sages for spiritual development.

Each person who undertakes a spiritual journey is accompanied by his or her own Guiding Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Gods, and Goddesses. Automatic Writing is the most effective way to seek advice, identify issues, develop answers to challenges, and lead a successful life.


In mediumship, it is assumed that a person can converse with the spirits of the dead. Spirit communication is the practice of talking to the souls of deceased people through psychics and also known as mediumship.

Mediums and spirit mediums are those who engage in this practice. Everyone may talk to their lost loved ones. You might be more receptive to connecting with Spirit by noticing events that at first appear strange or random, but which remind you of your departed loved one. It’s frequently an indication. Accept it for what it is at the time.


The Akashic record is a collection of visual recollections, commonly known as “memories,” from all events, activities, thoughts, and emotions that have occurred throughout history.

The Akashic Records is a tool that aids in the elevation of our existence by bringing awareness and assisting in the removal of self-limiting ideas while also empowering our relationship with both inner and external reality. It may assist us in leading a peaceful life.



A form of astromancy utilizing tarot cards to examine the past, present, and future is known as tarot card reading. Tarot cards are utilized as a tool for spiritual or personal growth, as well as a tool for exploring one’s spiritual roots.

Tarot is for everyone because it has the power to bring people from diverse walks of life together. Because everyone has a sixth sense, tarot allows you to utilize your intuition.



The Bach flower remedies are a kind of unconventional therapy that is used to treat a range of emotional and physical ailments associated with a number of illnesses. The goal of the Bach Flower Essences work is to turn detrimental thoughts or emotions into useful ones.

Bach flower practices have been used to treat a wide range of problems, including anxiety, sadness, tension, emotional and physical trauma, cancer, and HIV. When it comes to whether they aid with emotional difficulties or bodily pain, their impact is mixed.


Bionic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST), sometimes known as Bioenergetics, is a wonderful yet subtle and gentle technique that uses the body’s natural capacity to heal itself. The therapist provides encouragement and support for these natural, fluid systems to recover physically, mentally, and emotionally through light touch contact. The objective of the treatment is to improve overall health, particularly the nervous system (NS).

The NS regulates all bodily activities by sending and receiving information constantly. It has been shown to provide a variety of benefits, including enhanced energy, improved sleep quality, and stronger immune function. It promotes bodily and emotional balance, resulting in better physical and mental health.


Yagna is knowledge, Yagna is science, which casts the light of divinity over the entire world. The Brahma Yagna, Sanyam Yagna, Indriya Yagna, Soul Yagana Knowledge and Prana are all yagnas. It is apparent that a person’s life appears to be a shriveled tree with no green leaves left.

Feedback From People


Every time I've spent healing sessions with you, something new has happened. This time I sought therapy for my stomach problems, which proved beneficial. I'd want to stay in touch with you and have more profound experiences in the future as well. Your generosity and support are much appreciated.

Rohit Rai

I remember Yashwant because he has a very soft voice and is a grounded and deeply spiritual individual with a kind demeanor. He has an open disposition and exhibits transparency in his life. In tough situations, he always supports his pals and goes out of his way to assist them in any fashion possible. He will never mislead or exploit anyone, and if he is unaware of a certain subject, he will accept his lack of knowledge on the issue. I have been receiving both spiritual direction and healing from him for years, and I am grateful to him because his predictions have been very accurate. Today, when we meet so many spiritual healers, he is one of them that I trust. One can rely on him and talk about anything with him, and he keeps his word to himself. Whatever I say is less about him because he has been a positive influence in my life as a great friend, spiritual being, and human being.


It's difficult to convey the entire experience in words; I felt really good after so many days. I sensed that I was very close to God during the session. During the session, I had several energetic encounters around my body and believed that a lot of people love me.This was my second session, and I felt that this healing process was highly needed for me to improve my life. Thank you very much for all of your hard work.

Arpiet Malpani

During the process of healing process felt like a tap of energy was opened from the top of the head and it's flowing down to the hands and feet, it was one of the most amazing experiences i had, after the process was blank but when the day passed and the next day feeling like a Tiger, felt like I have restored my faith in the divine, faith in my dreams and a new stream of idea's started flowing. Well, I was suffering from Chicken Munia with all joint pain and was on heavy medication for the last 4 months after 3 healing sessions and a change in medications as prescribed by Yashwwant, I am out of joint pain, body pain and everything else, and after the 1st day of healing, I had stopped all my old medication and followed what was only shared by Yashwwant. Thank You so much for getting me out of so much pain.

Shweta- Mumbai

When you seek spiritual guidance or reach out for upliftment from a situation you are unable to decipher, you need a person who can understand you, connect with you beyond the upper layers and show some light that gets you hopeful of a better future.

Yashwant is just that person. His calm disposition, in-depth knowledge, the tranquility that surrounds him, all add up to a divine zen experience.

Under this kind guidance I have been able to comprehend situations and act accordingly.

In forever gratitude.

A spiritual novice !

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