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The fourth dimension, which is often known as the Akasha or Akashic plane, is also called MahaParichayam. In Vedantic Hinduism, kasa means “to be” and derives from the Sanskrit root word kāś., with the meaning of “to be hidden” or “secret place.” In Vedantic

The Akashic record is a compilation of visual memories, also known as “memories,” from all happenings, activities, thoughts, and emotions that have taken place since the start of time. They are said to be etched onto the astral light, which spiritualists describe as a fluid ether beyond human perception.

All of this data, it is thought, is kept in the ethereal realm, which is a non-physical segment of the infinite universe.

Many of them believe that anyone can get permission to go through Akashic Records but also there are people who feel that one must have a good training to view the universal source of knowledge.

To have access to Akashic Records, there are no particular method, some of them either find prayer or meditation to get a view to access Akashic Records, depending upon what works for them. The knowledge one might obtain as one approaches a settled, grounded condition of mind. Figures or shapes, written words, or voices may be seen; which makes many people believe that its a contact from spirit guides or angels.

Akashic Records are unbiased and neutral, it only reveals what has happened and what is happening at the moment, there is no room for judgement and ethics.

Akashic Records no more belongs to one particular community as the collective human consciousness is constantly growing and evolving.

One needs to be really clear about the subject they wish to know about. Its like going to a book library or surfing around on the internet for information, or are you specifically looking for something in particular. One must state their aim—if one simply wants to look around or discover more about past lives, or have wish to communicate with evolved souls.

Akashic Records is a tool which helps in uplifting our lives by bringing awareness and helping in removing self limiting thoughts and empower our connection with inner and outer world and lead a peaceful life.

Akashic Records helps us to heal oneself by bringing our attention to those things which we ignore or reject or are unaware and hence leading to healing. Records don’t dictate us what to do, rather it helps in providing guidance and direction, from the place of love and care.

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