Automatic Writing

Automatic writing has been in the world since time immemorial and was utilized by our illustrious saints and sages for spiritual growth.

On their trip of soul ascension, every person who enters the mother earth has his or her Guiding Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Gods, and Goddesses.

In the process of the birth of a child, it so happens that we tend to forget our connection with divine angels. Also, the upbringing of a child plays an important role in the journey within; it will either cause you to come out of illusion (Maya) through spiritual practice (sadhana) and, more importantly, the grace of the divine or take you further away, if the soul chooses to go another way around and learn their lessons and experiences.

Automatic writing is getting back to the Guiding Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Gods and Goddesses for guidance, messages and instructions for day-to-day life and soul evolution process. This guidance can vary from financial aspects, health issues, career path and education etc., to name a few.

When life is in chaos, challenges or problems, then with proper guidance, mental stress and tension can be eliminated, leading to a peaceful life. But if there is no guidance, one continues to live in chaos and confusion, leading to imbalances in all aspects, including physical and emotional levels, which causes body ailments, illnesses and diseases. Modern medicine suppresses the very symptoms telling us to look within. Diseases, illnesses and all kinds of ailments can be uprooted only when we are ready to work on the emotional imbalances.

Difficult experiences cause us to reflect on what is happening and lead us to make the necessary changes that help us grow, provided we are ready to listen to underlying messages. Otherwise, we keep repeating the same old pattern until we finally understand what our experiences are trying to convey and change our behavior to align with universal consciousness.

Automatic Writing is the best tool to help one seek guidance, identify their issues, bring solutions to their problems, and guide one’s life in the right direction.

The practice of automatic writing has been utilized as a therapeutic tool as well. The tool has been used by a variety of artists to help them generate material that they would not have produced if they had only utilized their conscious minds. As mankind grows in knowledge about both the conscious and unconscious sides of the human mind, as well as the nature of heaven and hell, automatic writing will be able to contribute even more to good world-

Healing through Automatic Writing

a) Spiritual Healing : 

Treatment is the transfer of energy from the healer to the receiver. It relaxes and releases tensions in the body while also strengthening the immune system. Healing is natural and non-invasive, with the goal of restoring balance and well-being on all levels for the recipient.

Spiritual healing is not based on a specific religion. Even highly sceptical individuals can be healed under spiritual therapy.

Healing Components : 

• Intention may be used to direct natural energy or a spiritual force.

 • It stimulates the individual’s ‘spiritual vibrations’ by focusing on their body, via the aura (human energy field).

• It increases health and allows one’s greatest self to shine through.

 • To overcome the body’s inertia, frequent treatments are required.

 • When people are sick, it’s typical for them to claim that they’re “low in energy,” while when people are healthy, we talk about them having “burst of energy.”

b) Body healing: 

Imbalances in emotions show through tensions of body pains or severe body ailments under extreme conditions. Healing happens when underlying emotions are acknowledged and attended to. Through Automatic Writing, healing can be enhanced, and a higher degree of cure and relief is ensured.

c) Future reading:

As human beings, we tend to worry about the future. From the perspective of having control of our future, Automatic Writing can be used as a greater tool to receive guidance.

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