In mediumship, it is believed that a person may converse with the world of the spirits, especially while in a meditative state. During a session, a spiritualist medium is the focus and may require the help of an invisible go-between or controller. Spiritual voices are said to communicate during a session, either directly or via the medium.

The practice of communicating with the spirits of deceased persons through psychics, also known as mediumship, is called spirit communication. People who engage in this practice are referred to as “mediums” or “spirit mediums.”You have to put down your defenses and open yourself up to the gift of speaking with a higher consciousness. No matter what we’re doing, we can always hear their voice.

Everyone can connect with their deceased loved ones. You may be more receptive to connecting with Spirit by noting the events around you that first appear strange or random, yet they remind you of your lost loved one. It’s frequently a signal. Accept it for what it is at the time.

They have a lot to say, and when they do, it’s usually because they’re relieved of some sort of guilt. It might be enough for them simply to know that you’re still with them.

Channeled souls are only permitted to convey information that will aid someone in celebrating life with glee. Spirit will bring up events from years ago to remind them of the good times, as well as occurrences since they’ve passed to demonstrate that they’re still with us. Because spirit communicates using specific experiences, feelings, and memories that only they would be aware

Mediumship involves communicating with discarnate spirit personalities in a session.. Information may be discovered, paranormal events may occur, energies may be channeled, or the spirit might appear physically.

Home / Office Space Clearing

We all emit vibrations; depending upon the vibrations felt in place, people, or situations, one either feels low in energy or high in energy; such energies get accumulated in the space we spend our time, which forms the energy of that space. The more we think and act on lower thoughts, the more that space reflects or attracts negative energies, which blocks growth in our life.

When unpleasant events (such as death, divorce, fights, separation, firing staff members, or any other negative circumstances) happen in your house or workplace, the energy of that area is damaged. Also, when people are not happy seeing us growing in life, they throw energies in our life either through jealousy or through black magic trying to obstruct growth in life. 

This is why one needs home and office space clearing to remove the negative energies which obstruct the flow of prosperity in every area of one’s life. 


First, let’s understand what space clearing is. Space clearing means cleaning the space or area from the energies which are low in frequencies, causing us not to live and grow to full potential or almost bringing life to a standstill. When one’s life does not move smoothly,  one can look into the energy of space, which might be causing the blockages in life. The cause of these negative energies can be because of following. 

  1. The people living in that space before were vibrating on lower energies like depression, stress, fights between family members, health issues, unnatural deaths in families, and toxic talks that left the space filled with such harmful energies.
  2. House or office building on the land was a battleground, or was house to other living species, or was a burial ground, or having the presence of bones, broken old pottery, sludge, and thorny trees.
  3. Members of the family are attached to entities or spirits, which can cause disharmony in the space and block progress.
  4. Interiors or objects in the house like painting, mirror, or furniture may carry negative energies, which may be harmful and depletes energy.
  5. The energy of the space also gets influenced if it’s built close to or nearby temples, hospitals, etc.
  6. When people do black magic over others out of jealousy or because they can’t see others’ progress, negative energy stays in the space, bringing bad health and blockages in life.

When Must You Think About Clearing Your Home/Office?

  1. You hear noises in the house or feel unsafe at night, or the pets in your house feel uncomfortable or constantly look at the wall.
  2. Fear is felt at night, or when you are alone, you feel someone is around.
  3. When there is no inflow of money at your work, you are only investing, no gains, or there is a clash with office staff, and they don’t stay for long in your company.
  4. Not able to sell off your house or any other property or your business deals.
  5. Certain corners of your house, like passage or bathroom or under stairs, make you feel nervous or worried, or there is a bad smell in the house without any reason.
  6. Health issues remain despite all medications or members of the house falling sick in strange ways, accidents are happening in mysterious ways, or small fires in the house or workplace.
  7. Someone had died unnaturally in the house you now live in.
  8. House not built on the right land


Anyone who is looking to get answers to certain questions or who has lost their loved ones or needs closure for people who have passed away due to suicide, trauma, or accident or would like to know if their loved ones are at peace


Energies such as Black Magic, Hatred, Jealousy, Curses, Spells, and the impact of undesirable negative energies

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